Start Up Business Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start up a balloon decorating or balloon delivery business?

It really can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars at the bare minimum to tens of thousands of dollars if you plan on opening up a shop. Even though you can start your business with little money my suggestion is to make sure you have enough money for a professional looking website( I’m making a DIY series on this one), business cards, nice fliers, business cell phone, and your basic balloon supplies needed. That could run you anywhere from $2,000-$5,000.

Are all balloons the same? If not what type of balloons should I buy?

NO. Not all balloons are created equal.  There are many different brands of balloons out there. For latex balloons you should only be uising Qualatex, bellatex or sempertex balloons. Other manufactures of balloons typically have balloons that pop easy, have lower float times and fade much faster than the balloon manufacturers I listed above. Avoid disasters by only using the very best balloons.

I dont have much experience in balloon decorating but love balloons. Where do I start?

For all you newbies out there welcome to the world of balloons! Ive created a page just for you. Just read and follow along the the tutorial videos I made and you’ll learn in no time at all. You can learn the basics here- Learn the Basics

How much should I charge?

This is a very common question but not so easily answered. There are many things to consider when pricing out a job. You must factor in all your costs including balloons, labor, fuel etc. but you also need to factor in artwork. Each design is different and depending how much extra detail you put into a piece you can charge more for it. And remember with each market the price you charge will be different. You may do business in an affluent neighborhood and could get double or triple the price of what a not so affluent neighborhood would fetch. So, it’s going to come down to research and trial and error. It will also come down to salesmanship. If you can convince you customer, they are getting a superior product and service from you they will pay whatever you price your work at within reason. You might be still asking I did my research and priced out my competitors but I still do not know what to charge! Well, I made a quick video with a formula to use to guide you through it here. Pricing formula video


DO I need insurance? How much does it cost?


Many restaurants especially catering halls and schools require that they be added as an additional insured on your liability insurance before you can even step foot on their premises. Making sure your insured opens the doors to these types of venues and will put you above the competiiton. And it is always a good idea to protect yourself. If you are just doing balloon decorating and balloon twisting you can get a general liability policy anywhere from $300-$1000 per year.


What information should I get from a potential client?

When dealing with a prospective client in person, by phone or even email you need to get the most information as you can. This will enable you to suggest the best decorations/balloons for them and help you make the sale. I usually start by getting customers name, date and time of event, what type of event it is and if they have an idea of what they want.  After you get that information you can start giving small suggestions to feel which way the client wants to go.  By the end of the call you should have the following information. The clients name, address, phone, e-mail, name and address of venue, phone of venue, date and time of event, set up time( when you can arrive to start setting up) , Name of contact at venue, contact’s phone is possible, if indoors ceiling height, parking, where to load and unload your vehicle and  items being ordered. Depending on the type of event you may need the spelling of a name if your doing a name arch etc.


When is it necessary to have a contract?

Whether delivering a small bouquet of balloons or making a spectacular structure for a wedding a contract should always be used. This is so both parties know exactly whats expected leading up to and during the event.


What should I put in my contract?

Everything about the job should be included as well as all of your policies. Some things you should put in are…. All the information you gathered during your call as well as your cancelation policy, bad weather policy, if the deposit are refundable or not, how much time is needed for set up, and when if any changes can be made to the order. You should also include a waiver stating that after the set up you are not responsible for any balloon poppage or structural damaged caused by weather or human error. Remember your contract is not to just protect you but to protect the client as well. It helps define things and makes sure that both parties know what to expect.

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