Helium Charts and Float time

The charts below will show you how many balloons a 242 helium tank can fill up,  average float times, and the capacity of the different sized balloons. If you have a different size helium tank use this formula to figure out how many balloons your tank can do.

( Tanks size in cubic ft) divided by (Cubic ft capacity of balloon) = How many balloons you can inflate


11″ balloon = .5 cubic ft

If you have a 242 helium tank

(242 cubic ft) divided by ( .5 cubic ft ) = 484

242 cubic ft tank= 484 11″ balloons.


                   Average Float Times Using Hi Float



Latex Balloon Size & Type




Number of Balloons per

242cft Tank




Average Float time without high float using helium




Average float time

with helium and Super Hi Float


9” latex round



900 12 hrs 12-16 hrs


11” latex standard colors

484 18-24 hrs 4-10 days


11” Pearlized & Metallic

484 16-18 hrs 4-7 days


11” Heart

840 8 hrs 8-12hrs


16” Heart

270 14 hrs 2-3 days


16” Round

130 30 hrs 15-30 days


16” Geo Blossom

400 18-24 hrs 2-4 days


16” Geo Donut

340 22-26 hrs 3-5 days


24” Round

50 2-4 days 18-30 days


36” Round

15 3-5 days 4-8 weeks


  • Float times are based on indoors only. Outdoor balloons will not float as long as indoors.
  • Float times also vary depending on weather conditions and the altitude of where you are located.

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