Balloon Gear

Looking for gear? Here you’ll find all the balloon equipment you’ll need to start and run your balloon decor business. To make your life much easier I have compiled a list of everyday balloon supplies and created a store with Amazon just for Decorators!

Helium Regulators

If you are a balloon decorator or thinking of becoming a balloon decorator you are going to need to use helium at point or another. Helium is still being used for balloon bouquet deliveries , balloon centerpieces, small and large arches and balloon releases.


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Balloon Pumps and Inflators

Balloon pumps both hand and electric are an essential tool to any balloon decorating professional. Conwin  by far has the best inflators out there but it comes with a price. If you are just starting out and on a budget go with a less expensive model. As a precaution I would suggest buying at least 2 hand pumps and two electric pumps. If one fails at a job ( has happened to me)  you will be able quickly plug in the other and be good to go.

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Wholesale Balloons

You can find almost everything on Amazon and they have very good prices most of the time but you are going to need more of a selection once you start booking lots of jobs. Buying from a wholesale balloon distributor will enable you to get better prices when buying in bulk and youll have much more to choose from. Just remember you will need to register your business name first.

US Balloon Distributors

Balloon Ideas

Browse different pics and ideas for your next event!

Start up FAQ

Starting up a balloon business? Heres a few questions answered.

Balloon Tutorials

Follow along a learn how to make your own balloon arches , columns and more!


Find all your Balloon Resouces here. Color charts, helium charts and more.