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Event Rental Software

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about generating contracts, creating invoices, credit card processing and what programs I use do get all of this done. In this article, I will explain what I used to use and what I starting using to make my business more organized and more professional. When I first started my business, I was using Microsoft word for my invoices, outlook for my calendar and scheduling, a different program for credit card processing, and a few other programs for reporting and such. I had a handle on it all but I knew there had...

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DIY Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Baby Showers along with 1st Birthdays are probably the most popular type of events for balloon decorations. Whether its beautiful balloon centerpieces for the cake table or a nice pair of balloon columns with a string of pearls arch connecting them this decor is a must learn for every professional balloon decorator. I’ve listed a few how to video tutorials below for you to practice with. Once you get the hang of making the decorations feel free to change the colors, add tulle , accents and come up with your own unique creations! If you are DIY’er or new balloon...

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Balloon Decoration Idea Gallery Here is some photos of  balloon decorations to give you ideas for your next event. These balloon decoration ideas  include balloon arches,  balloon columns and  balloon centerpieces for 1st birthday parties, Sweet 16’s, Bar and Bat mitzvahs, Anniversary parties, Engagement parties and more. Feel free to browse around and get inspired. I will continue to post new balloon decoration ideas here so keep coming back to see more. If you have any pictures of past work you did using my tutorial videos I would love to see it! Contact me and I’ll post it here as well....

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Baby Carriage Balloon Column

Baby Shower balloon decoration tutorial This  tutorial is a great piece to have in your portfolio. It takes a different approach to the twisted 260 technique. Using white and green balloons you hold the 260 balloons straight giving it a more linear look. You’ll need 11″ polkadot balloons, 260 balloons, 11″ balloons , balloon carriage balloon and a stand or not lamp from Ikea. Very easy to do and looks great. Put two together and attach a string of pearls in between to create a beautiful entrance...

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Braided Balloon Column tutorial video

Braided Balloon Centerpiece/ Column   Here is one of my newest balloon decoration video tutorials! The braided balloon column. This is a great decor design for baby showers, 1st birthdays, sweet 16’s and more. Its really all about the technique. Once you learn this balloon decoration piece all you need to do is change the color scheme and choose your topper to fit you...

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