Thinking about starting a balloon company? Maybe you just want to do a few decorations for your friends or family. Well first things first. You’ll need to learn the basics. Some of these techniques you may know how to do but I’ll start from the beginning and you can take it from there.

Things you need to learn:


  • How to correctly tie a balloon. Sounds easy, right? Perhaps, but there are many people out there that cannot tie or balloon or don’t know how to tie a balloon correctly. When tying a foil balloon, it’s all about presentation and giving a clean look. With latex, you need to make sure you add the ribbon with the knot making you twice as productive by saving time.  Here is the way to tie a foil and a latex balloon. Video coming soon….
  • Cutting and curling ribbon- Another overlooked technique for beginners. Cutting and curling ribbon is super easy but if you don’t do it correctly it can cost you precious time and money. Watch this video on how to cut and curl ribbon.  Video coming soon…
  • Inflating and sizing balloons- It’s all about symmetry. When putting together a balloon centerpiece, column or arch you need to size your balloons! I’ll say it again you need to size your balloons. Although time consuming this technique will ensure your work will look great and stand up among the best.  Video coming soon….
  • Knowing the color wheel- Balloons come in different shades and textures. Learning how to properly match up your balloons is very important when choosing your theme. Learn the color wheel here….
  • Types of balloons- Matching your balloons together and to your theme is very important but knowing all the types of different balloon that are out there is crucial in maximizing profits and giving your clients the best options to choose from. Learn about diff balloons here. Video coming soon…
  • Helium and no helium balloon decorations- Its essential to learn both helium and non-helium balloon décor. Sure, you can focus on one more than the other but there will be occasions that calls for both. Be prepared for any situation or client request.
  • Stands and equipment for Balloon arches, centerpieces and balloon columns- There are many different stands and equipment to choose from but in my opinion it’s better to make the most equipment you can yourself. Most stands for sale are expensive and must be picked up after the event has ended. This costs gas, time and money. If you learn how to make your own gear or at least some of it, you’ll be ahead of the game. Watch this video and I’ll do an overview of what’s needed to get you off the ground. Video coming soon….
  • Accents and accessories- This is what is going to set you apart from your competition. Adding accents and accessories like ribbons, tulle and confetti can really make balloon decorations stand out. You can use high float to make glitter balloons or even add led lights for the extra ambiance. Learn how to use high float and add accessories in the following videos.  Video coming soon…
  • Learn basic balloon twisting- This is what make a good balloon decorator great. Purchase some 260q balloons(qualatex) and learn the basics. You’ll want to learn your basic twists like pinch twist, ear twist etc. The Flower, dog and heart creations are good to start with. I’ll put a few videos down below to help you get started. Once you have the basics it will be easier for you to follow along with my videos as well as come up with some nice creations of your own.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice- As with any profession or skill practicing daily will get you where you want to go. Before you attempt your first job or any new design make sure you do it at least 1 or 2 times before you are on a job site. Running into problems or not foreseeing them can lead to a disaster.